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The word “Heal” comes from the same root, meaning “whole”,

“complete” and “Holy” 

The human body is strongly connected with its internal health

maintaining intelligence.  This intelligence repairs and heals its charge – the body.

 It originates in a space within one’s innermost being and is the common basis for all healing. 

When a person is involved in the entire healing process they begin to lose the feeling of helplessness and begin to understand that “dis-ease” is not a random event but a distinct message telling us that we have deviated from the true path of connecting with our own True Self, it is simply process of Self-discovery, the aim to involve the individual in being clear about his own real identity and purpose. 

​So, healing is not necessarily about reproducing the best “body-consciousness” results as though for a factory produced machine and its replacement parts.  

It is more about deep insights and a clear vision of what one needs to do – to not focus on self-pity and delusion but to gather strength to integrate mind, body and Soul. 

Genuine Healing is Life’s Journey


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Women's healing meditation

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Renaissance Sister Circle

Karuna Reiki Master

RTT® is a therapeutic approach that uses powerful, evidence-based techniques to provide people with the tools they need to make positive change

Its personalized approach works with clients to help them reframe any negative beliefs, values, habits and emotions – many of which they have carried with them since childhood.

Renaissance Sister Circle is an invitation to join in on the New Moon of every month as we slow down to hear the whispers of our inner wise wild women to hear the intentions of new goals, planning those new goals, speaking and sharing intentions, making changes to ultimately reach our dreams.  Join the Renaissance Sister Circle to spark your creativity

Reiki was developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, who was born in 1865. Reiki practitioners use a hands-on technique to transfer universal energy through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage physical, emotional, or spiritual healing


Reiki is about “attuning” to the Universal Life Force, like a radio station & regulating the nervous system  

That is all illness is, dis"ease"... whether it’s physical, mental or emotional is really a blockage of that person’s life force, irregular nervous system what we call flight or fight mode.  

As a Reiki practitioner, the role is to channel life force & assist with blockages, relax & regulating the nervous system.  

When those blocks are released & the nervous system regulates itself.....the body heals itself. 

You are the one healing yourself from within.

Stress Meltdown: Experience a profound relaxation that melts away stress, rejuvenating your mind and body is a title. 

Energy Equilibrium: Rebalance your body's energy flow, promoting a sense of harmony and well-being

Emotional Unwind: Gently release emotional blockages, paving the way for emotional healing and resilience

Immunity Igniter: Strengthen your immune system, helping your body to naturally fight off illness.

Chakra Balancing: Align and balance your chakras, unlocking new levels of energy and vitality.

Benefits of Reiki

Sacred Resurrection Blog

Testimonials & Experiences

Vanessa Racinet


Embarking on the womb clearing healing journey was like unlocking a secret garden within myself. The session gently unraveled layers of emotions, unveiling a sense of liberation and self-discovery. Phoenix warmth and intuitive understanding created an environment where I felt truly seen and heard. It's not just about healing; it's a journey back to my own essence, a rediscovery of the whispers of my soul. Grateful for this transformative experience.


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