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The power in women gathering in a safe authentic sacred space is changing the world 

Embrace the Magic of New Beginnings with Our Sisterhood

As we approach the New Moon, a symbol of new beginnings and the herald of the old year's end, we find ourselves at a momentous threshold. This New Moon, bathed in the sensitive and intuitive energy of Pisces, offers us a unique opportunity to kick-start the future we dream of.


Together, let's harness this powerful moment to bring our wildest dreams into reality. By believing in the power of our collective vision and supporting each other's aspirations, we can turn our desires into tangible outcomes.


 The New Moon invites us to quiet our minds and listen to our hearts, guiding us towards what we truly want in life. With this focused intention, our dreams are not just possible—they are within reach, and we will celebrate each milestone in true sisterhood spirit.


Join Our New Moon Online Gathering

Date: March 10, 2024Time: 5pm - 7pm PST

Contribution: $15 donation


What to Bring:

A pen and journal for reflection and intention setting

Your intentions for new beginnings, ready to be sowed

Three white candles to light the path of our collective journey

Prayers or prayer requests to share and uplift each other

Let's come together in this sacred space to amplify our beliefs in ourselves and in one another, moving courageously towards what inspires us and daring to imagine the future we wish to create in Unity Consciousness

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