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The Magic Within

Namaste Radiant Soul

I am thrilled to welcome you to the inaugural blog post for 'Sacred Resurrection', a sanctuary of healing and transformation.

Your presence here is deeply valued, and I am filled with gratitude for this shared moment of connection.

I am Phoenix, the heart & soul behind 'Sacred Resurrection'.

This journey of healing began in 2009, and officially took form as 'Sacred Resurrection' in 2019.

Reflecting on this journey, it seems like an entire lifetime of discovering and unleashing the magic within, has led to this moment of offering "Sacred Resurrection" a healing arts practice.

Experiencing the birth of this new era in our world fills me with an indescribable sense of magic.

The murmurs of change, the awakening potential for global transformation, bring me an uncontainable joy.

I find myself overcome with laughter of joy at the thought of it all....


The idea of a conscious collective delving deep within to uncover their truths, seeking peace, & accelerating their spiritual growth... this notion exhilarates me beyond words because we are there, with many more souls questioning existence & ready to heal the past & walk forward into a blissful future

My deepest prayer & song is for all beings, large & small, to experience freedom, protection, health, prosperity, & happiness.

It is my honor and privilege to be of service to those on their innerstanding, inward journey & offer guidance and support.

With immense honor & humility, I proudly introduce 'Sacred Resurrection' – a healing arts practice devoted to elevating human collective consciousness & guiding it towards enlightenment.

In Love & Spiritual Guidance


Ps I am so grateful you are here & offer this 50% discount code for your first appointment

Thank you

*hands in pray*


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