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RTT Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master

Founder, Creatrix

Phoenix traversed this beautiful planet, immersing herself in diverse interests and passions. From a fulfilling career to the many pursuits of the heart, her life was a mosaic of experiences. Yet, there came a pivotal moment when these facets merged into one

- a discovery of Dharma, a purpose that reshaped her very existence -

The Healer's Path

Blessed to find her calling in the realm of healing, Phoenix embraced the science of Yoga, the arts of Reiki, Qi Qong, Tai Chi, Sound Healing, Shamanic practices, Psychology, Hypnosis, and Sacred Plant Medicine.

Her extensive travels across the globe have not only enriched her life with countless stories & encounters but also honed her ability to connect deeply & empathetically with others of all walks of this life.  

 Every face, every shared story, has been a step in her own transformative journey.

Embracing the Depths of Healing, Phoenix’s path led her to profound self-discovery. As she healed her own heart & suffering, her capacity to hold space for others expanded.

This journey further took her through an exploration of human sciences & healing modalities, deepening her understanding of the human experience

Dedication to Yogic Practice

As a devoted HaTha Pradipika practitioner, teacher, student Yogini for over 15 years.  

Continuously sought knowledge & understanding through the practices & tools of the applied science yoga; asana, breath work, meditation, & sacred ancient scriptures.

Her journey on the mat is a testament to her unwavering commitment to spiritual & physical harmony.

Sacred Plant Medicine & Motherhood

Over a decade journeying with the Teacher Sacred Plant Medicine has seen Phoenix portal through profound deep spiritual experiences, akin to death & rebirth.  Reshaping her existence, purpose & life's mission.

 Her path as a Mother has further deepened her connection to God,  life & the Earth, instilling in her the essence of selfless love & the profound impact of nurturing the next generation

RTT Hypnotherapy & Psychology

Stepping forward as an RTT Hypnotherapist, Phoenix combines her passion for the human mind with her continuous studies in Psychology. This facet of her healing practice underscores the incredible capabilities of the human mind & its integral role in personal healing & transformation

A Beacon of Light & Healing

Her Soul's mission is to be a guiding light, offering compassionate & empowering support  for women on their journey to discovering their Infinite Powerful True Self

A Multifaceted Being

While her Dharma is Healer; she is too a gardener, cook, cosmic dancer & traveler, divine child, sister, musician, explorer, artist & counselor.

Her diverse roles – from artist & ritualist to mother & healer – all converge to form a unique tapestry of skills & insights into walking between worlds

In Her Own Words

"Teyata Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Sohum"

 Embodying this mantra, signaling a commitment to guiding others towards the open door of

enlightenment & self-realization

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