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Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) is an innovative therapeutic approach, blending the best of evidence-based techniques to empower individuals in their journey towards positive transformation. Rooted in the wisdom of traditional psychotherapy disciplines such as Gestalt, solution-focused, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness, RTT® offers a comprehensive approach to healing and personal growth. What sets RTT® apart from conventional hypnotherapy is its focus on the root causes of unhelpful beliefs and behaviors. It leverages the latest insights in neuroplasticity, allowing for the creation of new neural pathways in the mind, facilitating lasting change. Developed by the renowned therapist and bestselling author Marisa Peer, the techniques and tools of RTT® are grounded in three decades of real-world experience and success in creating tangible, lasting change in clients' lives. RTT® goes beyond surface-level approaches, enabling clients to alter their thought patterns, end negative self-talk, and embrace life with a renewed, positive perspective. Session Details and Pricing: Single Session: Experience transformative therapy in a 60-minute session for $300. Package Offer: Opt for a series of three sessions for a comprehensive journey of change, investment $700.


Reiki Karuna Master

A Comprehensive Energy Healing Session: In our sessions, we focus on up to 54 Chakras/Nadis, providing your Energy Body with a complete 'energy healing bath'. This immersive experience allows for profound relaxation and the activation of energy portals. As 'chi' flows and interacts with your energy body, it helps in moving and releasing stagnant or blocked energy. Engaging with your energy body is a true commitment to authentic healing, change, and transformation. Preparation and integration are critical aspects of this process. Self-care and gentleness are paramount, both before and after sessions. We advise practices such as abstaining from alcohol, sexual activities, and conflict, avoiding unclean foods and drinks, consuming plenty of water, ensuring deep rest and relaxation, and seeking ample sunlight exposure. Session Details and Pricing: 90-Minute Session: Dive into a comprehensive healing experience for $188. Package Offer: A series of three sessions, each designed to deepen your healing journey, available for $444.


Women's Guidance & Counselor

Transformative Sessions with Hatha Pradipika Analysis and Intuitive Guidance: Our sessions utilize the profound wisdom of Hatha Pradipika, an ancient practice symbolizing the balance of Sun (Ha) and Moon (Tha), and Pradipika, meaning 'to cast light'. This holistic approach illuminates different areas of life, assessing and enhancing their health through: Proper Diet (Mitahara) Appropriate Exercise (Asana) Mindful Breathing (Pranayama) Effective Relaxation (Savasana) Positive Thinking and Meditation (Dhyana) Together, we will navigate these vital areas to gain a comprehensive understanding and develop a tailored plan to foster a healthy, balanced, and aligned future. We focus on individual needs, guiding you on how to nurture each aspect of your life effectively. Experience the Art of Healing with Ancient Wisdom: Single Session: An immersive 60-minute session priced at $111. Package Offer: A series of three 60-minute sessions for a total of $250, designed for a deeper exploration and transformation


Womb Clearing & Activation

Sacred Womb Space Healing: A Journey to Wholeness and Empowerment Activating the Wisdom of the Womb: In every Womb Clearing and Activation session, we aim to awaken the innate wisdom of this sacred space. We transform these traumatic imprints into wisdom, transmuting all levels of trauma for the individual, our ancestors, and the women's collective. A Harmonious Convergence of Healing Modalities: In these sessions, my life's work, studies, and experiences coalesce into a harmonious, sensual, and divine encounter, catering to every need of my sisters in a single session. We employ a variety of healing practices; yoga nidra, hypnosis, shamanic womb work, sound & much more. Session Details and Investment: One-on-One Session (In-Person): A personalized and profound healing experience for $300. Group Sessions (In-Person): The investment for group sessions varies depending on group size

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